Our corporate social responsibility


Expro’s core values of People, Performance and Partnership drive our corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitment. These are the enduring principles that describe the essence of our company, and they play a fundamental role in our CSR programme; how we manage our impact on our people, the environment, and our communities in which we operate.

Expro publishes an annual CSR report, outlining our performance across all aspects of our corporate and social responsibility. This covers three areas:

  • Safety

Championing safety is Expro’s highest priority. Our values and behaviours have established a set of principles and beliefs that guide the company’s culture. At the heart of our behaviours is Champion Safety, where “we strive to be at the forefront of safety, in everything we do”. 

  • Environment

Expro is committed to preventing harm to the environment, and promoting sustainable practices and performance. We aim to reduce our impact on the environment in everything we do both operationally and our day to day activities.

  • Community

Our values not only drive the way we work, they also influence the range of community programmes we support in the local areas in which we operate. We participate in a diverse range of community engagement activities which align with Expro’s values.

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