Our HSEQ policies

Expro is committed to maintaining the highest levels of safety and service quality.


The company established 10 House Rules, which all employees are empowered to take responsibility and accountability in adhering to.  This is supported by a robust range of process, procedures and reporting systems that ensure continuous monitoring and improvements at global level.

More recently, the company also established a Champion Safety brand, which represents one of the seven behaviours employees voted for.  This delivers a range of brand awareness, campaigns and initiatives to support our efforts in maintaining an industry-leading reputation for safety - recognised by the continuous number of Royal Society for the Prevention of Accident (RoSPA) Awards.

Our safety policy can be found in the documents below, alongside a range of achievements outlined in our annual CSR report.


Expro has established a reputation for delivering operational and techical excellence that exceeds our customer's expectation - and underpins our brand.

A range of these are represented through our case study programme, Excellence, on our website - alongside our policies below.


Ultimately our uncompromising stance of safety and service quality is why Expro retains a strong and loyal customer basis, particularly a stable top-10 customer base year on year.

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