My Journey with Expro: Terry Charleton

25th January 2017

My career in oil and gas started straight from University in Northern Ireland. I literally went from graduation onto a ferry/train to Aberdeen and two weeks later I was offshore in the middle of the North Sea. I then progressed through various offshore/onshore positions until I joined Expro in 1995.


I have had a few roles within Expro and I’m currently working as Global Account Manager looking after BP and Tullow. My prime responsibility is to provide these global clients with a focal point and to keep them up to date with all things Expro. It’s quite a challenging role as I’m often travelling to visit my clients both within the UK and overseas so keeping track of time zones etc keeps me on my toes.


Outside of work I have a huge passion for sport, music and film and as a result our family holidays are often spent travelling around various film locations and sporting venues.  A particular favourite of mine is Game of Thrones and as it’s filmed in Northern Ireland and a trip home is not complete without a visit to a location, often dragging my kids across field and beaches to get a good view of what is going on.


When my clients ask me what differentiates Expro from other service companies I always say it’s our people. We have great people who all work to a common goal to deliver a great service to our clients across the world. We have developed great long term relationships with our clients who will keep coming back to Expro because they know they will get a great service.  In my global role I have seen this first hand at our various facilities around the world.


My time at Expro has been brilliant, I have developed great friendships and it’s fantastic that I still deal with people today that I met on my first day Expro. Another great benefit of being at Expro for so long is being able to watch younger employees grow in their abilities and develop their skills. In my various roles within Expro I’ve had the delightful task to mentor such people and it’s great to see them successful today. Despite the current industry challenges we need to keep developing the younger generation and ensure that they become the future of Expro.


If there is one thing I have learnt from my time in Expro is that to be successful we need to ensure we rise above our own ambitions and ensure we win as a team, like most things in life.

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