What has been your biggest inspiration in your career in oil and gas?

10th September 2015

Terry Charleton, Europe CIS Business Development Manager:

I studied for a degree in geology and the North Sea oil and gas industry was the obvious place to go. My lecturer at university had worked offshore and is sounded like an exciting career opportunity – he also said the streets of Aberdeen were paved with gold!

For me, the best part of working in the industry is that every single week is different. I deal with a range of clients in different countries around the Europe region and I find learning about the business culture in each area interesting and challenging.

Expro has established strong relationships with certain clients over the years working together on major projects in the sector. Certainly some of my proudest achievements whilst at the company have been retaining key contracts for our products and services with companies that we have 25+ year associations with. This is not only down to our innovative technology and service delivery, but our people. It makes all the difference when your client enjoys working with you to deliver a successful project.

During my career, the greatest influence and inspiration has been the people I’ve met and worked with. Two of my earliest bosses in oil and gas had a simple business ethnic which was to get to know your clients, develop friendships and learn to understand what makes them tick – in and outside of work. I’ve always tried to do this and I’m proud to say I still keep in touch with people I met as clients 30 years ago.

Oil and gas can be a rewarding industry providing the opportunity to travel and experience other cultures. It can be a tough business at times – but there is always room for talented, motivated individuals and the industry is working to ensure that we continue to develop our people for the future.

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