Clamp-on metering for permanent flow measurement - SonarMonitor™ clamp-on flow measurement

For real-time 24/7 surveillance, our clamp-on sonar flow meters provide an easily installed, cost-effective solution for permanent wellhead monitoring and high value, downstream applications.

  • Our clamp-on sonar meters feature robust design, manufactured for long service life
  • Non-intrusive, quick and easy installation – can be installed and commissioned in one day without shutting in the well
  • No pressure drop
  • No potential leak paths to monitor
  • Wide turn-down ratio allows for measurement throughout the lifecycle of the well/field – from peak production to declining production
  • Standard communications outputs to platform/rig DCS/SCADA and data acquisitions systems

Both the ActiveSONAR™ flow meter and the PassiveSONAR™ flow meter platforms are designed for the specific challenges of making clamp-on flow measurements in oil and gas applications

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