Non-intrusive flow testing services

Expro provides clients around the world with non-intrusive production testing solutions utilising our proprietary sonar meters, operated by trained and experienced field engineers and supported by our multi-disciplinary base engineering team.

Our production testing solutions complement a programme of conventional well testing by offering a quick, safe, reliable and cost-effective solution for applications requiring periodic wellhead surveillance.

  • Non-intrusive surveillance for surface-accessible wells
  • Lightweight, small footprint stand-alone kit suitable for helicopter transport
  • Expert sonar field engineers
  • Available for rapid call-off
  • Multiphase reporting of gas rate and inferred liquid rates

We recognise that the job is not done when the field work is complete. Our clamp-on production testing jobs are documented with a comprehensive well test report which can be delivered to your desktop within days of completion of field work.

“Many thanks for the continued success of these jobs – production is definitely up because of the data collected” – reservoir engineer, international oil company

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