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Improving your drilling efficiency

Improving your drilling efficiency

Globally designing and manufacturing automated chokes, pressure relief valves and control systems

Providing you with superior toughness, operability, ease of maintenance and cost effective services, our products are meticulously engineered. Combined with three decades of design expertise, our progressive approach to engineering provides you with premium choke technology for severe environments.


From coiled tubing to snubbing, frac flowbacks, well control, well cleanup, and production applications, underbalanced operations (UBO) and managed pressure drilling (MPD), our products give you the reassurance needed when operating in highly abrasive environments.


PowerChokes® Automatic Back Pressure (ABP) systems are used extensively in Managed Pressure Drilling Applications. Across upstream and downstream, pressure relief valves extend to:

  • Drilling contractor’s mud pump applications
  • Riser and surface equipment protection
  • Well protection
  • Well testing and flow-back applications
  • Control systems for drilling, subsea and production

If you are looking to effectively control your engineered drilling parameters, underbalanced drilling and managed pressure drilling operations will utilise our chokes to give you optimum performance. The ability to install large orifice trims for high flow rate requirements minimise choke plugging and allow continued drilling under an array of conditions.


We give you product longevity, reliability and ultimately reduce downtime and minimise well costs.
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