Control Consoles

Reliability. Ease of maintenance. Pressure management

Reliability. Ease of maintenance. Pressure management

Do you require accurate control and monitoring panels with HPU and PLC options?

Designing and manufacturing bespoke control consoles for all your wide range of operational needs

We strive to provide you with a robust, easily maintained and cost effective service with products that are meticulously engineered.  We have over four decades of expertise in the design and manufacture of standard hydraulic control panels, as well as Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) /Human Machine Interface (HMI) based control panels, which can be tailored to your requirements.

Our expertise extends further than just severe drilling production chokes, we can assist in any challenging oilfield operation. Our control console technology helps eliminate the need for costly closing units and allows well control to be managed from a single location, increasing safety across your operation. Our products exceed API standards.

Our services include:

  • Bespoke choke operation control consoles
  • Tailored hydraulic/digital instrumentation packages
  • Bespoke choke operation control consoles of choke-related equipment
  • Data-logging and remote access capabilities
  • Complies with necessary international certification standards
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