With a strong track record delivering our industry leading, Hydraulic chokes for challenging drilling environments globally, Expro has also developed an electric actuated choke to meet our customers’ specific requirements across a variety of applications. The Electric choke’s flexibility and precision allows for enhanced margin control and minimises non-productive time and the risk of well control incidents. The Electric choke and Automatic Back Pressure system can respond quickly to pressure changes to maintain a constant back pressure, ensuring high performance in a MPD application.

Automatic back pressure choke: designed for superior performance

The newly designed PowerChokes® ABP Automatic Back Pressure Choke will provide superior performance in managed pressure drilling, automatic flow control, well control and flowback/well clean-up operations. Once the desired back pressure is set at the control panel, the choke automatically maintains the pre-set pressure. As conditions change, or as kill weight mud is pumped into the well bore, the set pressure can be changed as needed. This can be done manually at the control panel, or by a remote signal. The ABP choke is available with either hydraulic or electric actuators.

New electric actuator is more compact, more efficient

A new, more compact, more efficient electric actuator used with the PowerChokes worm gear actuator will provide smooth, variable speed, and accurate positioning of all chokes while utilising electric power.

PRV max system offers enhanced safety features

The new and improved PRV max system consists of a redesigned HPU and HMI/PLC control panel. This system is ATEX certified with a significantly faster response time and unparalleled reliability. The system provides much needed redundancy, data logging and enhanced safety features.

Choke control panels incorporate cutting edge technology

Choke control panels now meet API 16C requirements and are API monogrammed. The PLC/HMI control panel incorporates advanced technology with superior software code. These systems are DNV and ABS approved with ATEX certifications. Reliability and safety is the focal point of these systems.

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