Managed Pressure Drilling

Bespoke. Efficient. Cost effective

Bespoke. Efficient. Cost effective

Are you facing drilling related issues such as kick loss scenarios, differential sticking or formation damage?

Our technology meets the challenges of well pressure control, MPD and UBD drilling in challenging operational environments

Effectively controlling downhole pressure continues to be an issue our customers experience every day. We offer a cost effective multi-tiered, solutions based approach for MPD and UBD services, while providing expertise and exceptional service quality.

Our products include the Automatic Back Pressure system, PowerChokes, PRVs support customers well control process for routine and challenging wells. Over 1,000 wells have been drilled using the ABP system during an eight year period, and throughout a variety of global locations.  Expro’s systems are reliable, and most importantly are very user friendly. The system is used to mitigate or reduce well issues, including lost circulation and stuck pipe.  Expro equipment is designed modularly, allowing packages to be tailored for you, resulting in a reduction in footprint and costs.


Benefits include:

  • Automation of drilling processes
  • Set point chokes
  • PRV integration
  • Reduction in footprint
  • Cost reduction
  • Bespoke hardware and software solutions
  • Single/Dual choke modes
  • Coriolis integration
  • Rig integration
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