Pressure Control Manifold

Manageable. Safe. Efficient.

Manageable. Safe. Efficient.

Looking for a complete package offering?

Fully managed pressure drilling for your operations

We can fully customise managed pressure drilling for your operations.  Expro can custom-design diverter manifolds to allow a manageable, safe and efficient means to configure multiple operations from single location.  Our diverter manifolds can be integrated with our managed pressure drilling packages.  Diverting oil or gas without flow interruption.

Our products come in a variety of sizes for different applications and pressure requirements.

The benefits of our Human Machine Interface (HMI) include:

  • Standard and customised to client requirements including: Pressure relief valve control systems, used for mud pump protection, managed pressure drilling control systems, well control systems and hydraulic valve manifold control systems
  • Synchronisation of multiple HMIs
  • Joystick or switched for valve operation
  • Real time valve position and position control monitoring
  • Remote speed adjusts for hydraulic control of valves
  • Communicates with third party systems
  • Built-in safety alarms, data logging and password protection

Hydraulic valve remote speed adjust control available

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