Pressure Relief Valves

Accuracy. Repeatability. Reliability.

Accuracy. Repeatability. Reliability.

Are you looking for a reliable PRV for your mud pumps, UBD, MPD or alternate field operations?

Keeping mud pumps operational during drilling operations is critical to reaching your well objectives.

Our new and improved managed pressure drilling (MPD) Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) operates with a significantly faster response time and is unparalled in accuracy, repeatability and reliability.

The PRV is used to control pressure in a given system to prevent the build-up of pressure and potential damage to your equipment.  Our system has an optional reset in which the valve will close without any user intervention.  This increases safety and reduces Non-Productive Time (NPT), but it also protects against under pressure, which is critical to operations and connected to live wells.

Benefits include:

  • Alleviates the risk of environmental spillage
  • Increases safety
  • Integrates with our existing burner technology
  • Single control system
  • Intelligent and efficient
  • Performs mitigation of uncontrolled flame out
  • Clean disposal of well effluent
  • Mitigates the risks associated with low viscosity fluids during burner operations
  • Reaction time at 1/3 second

This technology allows customers to perform operations safely and helps to reduce human error.

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