Production enhancement packages

Maximising production in mature fields

With increasing demand and depleting reserves, every oil company is seeking to maximise production.

In mature oil fields, many wells are no longer producing due to a number of reasons (idle, declining reservoir pressure). Continuous efforts are, therefore, needed to ensure the production from these fields is maximised and the optimum amount of recoverable oil is extracted from these reservoirs.

Production enhancement is an innovative solution that utilises the well unloading concept, using standard well testing equipment. It is unique as it uses existing equipment repackaged as a new solution.

The well unloading packages handle low pressure production, boosting the oil and gas flow rates and processing them for reintroduction into the operator's process plant facilities. Our well unloading packages are flexible and mobile, allowing easy re/deployment. A single unloading package can tie in multiple wells, giving enhanced productivity.

There are distinct advantages of utilising well unloading units. These are:

  • Continued production from a well which would not be able to deliver naturally, increased production equals increased revenues
  • Ability to tie multiple wells into one well unloading unit, no need for multiple downhole electrical submersible pumps
  • Flexibility - can be moved from well to well and platform to platform
  • Cost effective - no need to supply a rig or crane barge for any installations


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