As an industry we have a duty of care to ensure that we are safely operating our wells. Well integrity is not solely an issue of well availability. A combination of corporate social responsibility and developments in government legislation are driving renewed focus on the topic of well integrity.

From the wellhead to the sandface, poor condition of wells has potential HSE consequences, as some operators have discovered. Ensuring the integrity of critical barriers in a well is of the utmost importance.

Expro's software solution allows customers to store pertinent information (equipment status, maintenance records, test procedures, service schedules and reports, intervention records, traceability documentation, etc) about their production string, annuli, wellhead and xmas tree. The customer defines acceptance criteria for each barrier (or can use built-in API standards) and based on test results, servicing compliance, etc, each barrier is subsequently rated with an integrity ranking. Management dashboards then consolidate the integrity of the wells to provide a report outlining the overall integrity status of the asset.


  • Provides a well integrity management system if one is currently lacking
  • Enhances and improves the effectiveness of existing spreadsheet tracking system
  • Demonstrates to regulatory body, shareholders and investors that they have a system to manage the integrity of their wells
  • Reduces insurance premiums - many customers in the UK sector have presented the data reports to their insurers and successfully negotiated a large discount on their policies accordingly
  • Raises the operator's profile and demonstrates a genuine commitment to the environment and safety of their personnel and assets



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