Well Abandonment

Well abandonment is the natural conclusion to the lifecycle of a well. With over two million wells worldwide there is an ever expanding well stock that require abandonment. These wells are either no longer economically viable to produce, or have exceeded their original design life and don’t meet the latest industry well integrity guidelines required to continue production. 

Expro understand the challenges associated with re-entry and abandonment of an aging well and meeting the safety, environmental and legislative requirements to permanently isolate the reservoir, wellbore and remediate the well location.

We are uniquely placed within the industry, leveraging a complementary set of products and services to provide the operating company with an integrated single source provider for each phase of the well abandonment process.

Expro have a proven track record and have been providing temporary and permanent well abandonment to clients around the world for over 20 years. We will create tailored solutions to meet specific well abandonment challenges.

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