Downhole camera

Downhole camera

Hawkeye IV E-line Camera

The Expro Hawkeye IV electric line video system is a portable video inspection system that incorporates the video technology from the Fibre Optic Camera, but operates on virtually any conventional single or multi-conductor wireline cable.

Hawkeye IV transmits an image approximately every second and has a ‘turbo model’ option that enables images to be capture at the full motion video rate by storing the images in the tool and the transmitting this batch of images to the surface.  As many as 1,000 images can be stored in the tool, with no limit to the number of turbo modes during a survey.  This has the advantages of providing the full motion video of the fibre optic system for small durations using standard electric line cables.

These higher acquisition rates are particularly well suited for moving fluids such as pinpointing fluid types and entry locations or understanding flow regimes to enhance understanding of production logs in horizontal wells for instance.

Almost all video surveys involve inspecting or viewing a motionless mechanical problem of which one good picture is typically enough to diagnose the problem. HawkEye is perfectly suited for these applications and is ideal for viewing mechanical problems such as fish, casing damage, or a lengthy pipe inspection.  Other applications include the location and orientation of plugs, whipstcks, windows in multi-lateral completions, and identifying severe casing/tubing problems.

The HawkEye IV has been developed to be combined with additional sensors such as a digital compass or inclinometer to further improved the quality of the information recorded in open hole and horizontal wellbores.  The system has an enhanced duplex communication telemetry which, when run in conjunction with the ViewMax lighthead, ensures accurate control of the side looking camera, further improving the flexibility of the ViewMax camera system.

High-temperature (HT) HawkEye Camera

Where the survey exceeds the 257 °F temperature rating of our standard HawkEye camera, we can deploy our 2-1/8 inch OD high temperature camera system.  These high temperature tools utilise the same proven technology as the standard HawkEye electric line system but has additional flask protection enabling them to operate in downhole environments up to 350 °F, for limited periods.

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