Well Intervention Newsletter


With more than 1,000 well Intervention specialists, we record over (BLANK) videos per month in every imaginable drilling environment possible: land, platform, and deepwater subsea. Our customers depend on these images and subsequent analysis to understand exactly what’s happening in their wells. Now it’s time to show you what we see.

Since every well is different, every video is different, and our technicians uncover a wide range of obstructions and objects in wells — everything from corrosion and build up to bags and tools. In this month’s video, we take a trip offshore where an operator called the Expro team to run the Hawkeye III camera. Here’s a brief synopsis of the situation you’ll see in the video:

“The client was experiencing problems getting by the safety valve in the wellbore. After running the camera, the Expro technicians realized that the safety valve flapper was off the hinge and lying on top of the profile. To remedy the situation, the operator immediately went into the well and milled a donut hole out of the safety valve. The Expro team then reentered the well to ensure that the safety valve was no longer sitting on top of the profile, then proceeded down hole to around 2000 feet, hitting an obstruction. It looked as though the safety valve flapper was sitting on top of the debris. The Expro team slowly lowered the camera down and set it on the debris. What looked like a piece of the safety flapper was just an interface. It appeared that the remainder of the safety flapper broke in two and fell down hole once the operator finished milling and landed on debris that was obstructing the tubing.”

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