SafeWells is a pioneering new well integrity data management solution, developed by Expro to provide a clear overview of operators’ well integrity status. It has been developed in collaboration with the industry to address many of the challenges experienced relating to integrity data. Such challenges include paper based systems, spread sheet systems, policy compliance and reporting.

By providing a central repository of well integrity data, SafeWells provides a solution to many of the elements required for a company’s well integrity management policies.  This includes information relating to well construction, well maintenance, annulus integrity, policy compliance, management of change, documentation and reporting.

SafeWells has been designed to be customised, enabling operators to configure the system in accordance with their policies and procedures and in alignment with legislation and industry best practices. All stakeholders, including production technicians, OIMs, well integrity engineers, managers and auditors have access to a range of reports to clearly identify problem wells. Data can be analysed to identify operational and process safety improvements.

SafeWells is now working with over ten major operators and continues to develop its expertise across thousands of wells globally.

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