Annulus intervention services

Casing integrity issues (pressure in the annulus) are a growing concern due to the stock of aging wells.  Expro offer a range of annulus intervention solutions to solve your well integrity challenges.

Applications include downhole circulation in the well annulus, remediation of sustained casing pressure and cementing, annulus fluid replacement, sealant for downhole leak repair, corrosive fluid displacement, diagnostics and logging and environmental and groundwater protection


Annulus Intervention System, WellSpring, offers minimally intrusive equipment allowing the remediation of annular integrity issues without the use of a heavy workover rig, resulting in significantly reduced cost. This system, which can be rapidly mobilised, helps operators prolong the life of wells and increase recovery through the revitalisations of shut-in and low production wells.       

System benefits

  • Reduce cost, high rewards
  • Smaller footprint and lower personnel requirements
  • Rapid mobilisation
  • Modifications for different wells
  • Increased oil recovery through revitalisation of shut-in wells
  • Environmental and groundwater protection


Wellhead MultiTool

Expro’s Innovative in-situ wellhead remediation tool, Wellhead MultiTool, provides access through wellhead annuli bores for multiple applications.

System benefits

  • Unique and robust design with self-locking stroking mechanism
  • Modular design enables fast on-site adaptation to available space
  • Cost-efficient operations through easy handling and quick installation
  • Simultaneous stroking, rotation and circulation capabilities
  • Complete wellhead pressure isolation
  • High accuracy stroking readout



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