One of the benefits of conventional coiled tubing is that it delivers high rate circulation but it can be heavy, bulky and time consuming to plan and mobilise. The process can involve significant rig-up and lifting, considerable costs, a high number of personnel, potential HSE exposure and a relatively heavy and large footprint.

Expro’s CoilHose Light Well Circulation System minimises the loss of hydrocarbon production and lowers the overall cost of intervention by providing an alternative to the use of coiled tubing by using a small diameter hose.

It merges the best qualities of both coiled tubing and wireline and broadly changes the coil tubing industry by substituting hose for the conventional steel pipe currently used. The system enables rigless light circulation services from a package with a relatively small footprint. It offers oil and gas operators an alternative to traditional coiled tubing with a system that can be rapidly deployed across all types of installations both onshore and offshore including riserless subsea applications, reducing overall HSE exposure while maximising operational uptime.

System benefits

  • More cost effective than traditional coiled tubing
  • Rapid deployment (3-4 hours) and lower personnel requirements
  • Smaller footprint with mobile and flexible set-up
  • Can be deployed almost universally 


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