Well Integrity

Safer, smarter well integrity solutions

We support our customers in delivering hydrocarbons safely throughout the life of their wells, through comprehensive well integrity management solutions – supported by our extensive well intervention services.

As an industry, we have a duty of care to ensure that we proactively manage well integrity, both to safeguard our people and protect the environment. As your well integrity partner, Expro will work in collaboration with you to maximise your well availability and productivity, while minimising regulatory and HSE risk.

According to ISO-16530, the management of well integrity is “a combination of technical, operational and organisational processes to ensure a well’s integrity during the operating life cycle.”  This includes eleven core elements required as part of a robust well integrity management approach.

Expro provides a range of services, ranging from the assessment of your existing well integrity management system (technical), through to the planning and execution of any well site services necessary to assess or remediate your wells (operational). This is supported by our industry recognised SafeWells™ software (organisational process).

Our industry experts will ensure that these requirements are met and that good well integrity is maintained throughout the entire lifecycle, from initial design through to eventual abandonment.

  • EGIS well integrity engineering (technical)
  • Operational well integrity capabilities (operational)
    • Wellhead maintenance
    • Well monitoring and surveillance
    • Annulus pressure management
    • Well barriers
  • SafeWells (organisational process)
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