North and Latin America

With region headquarters in Houston (USA)

Our North and Latin America business is focused on number of core markets comprising: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Suriname, Trinidad & Tobago, Canada and The United States.

Our Brazil business has been built on a long-term relationship with the local NOC to which we have been supplying services on a continuous basis since 1992.  This business has historically been mainly of offshore well testing services but has recently expanded to include offshore well intervention and wireless well contracts.  Our work on wireless well technologies in Brazil for deep water advanced reservoir testing provides an example of the potential customer benefits that some of our new technologies can deliver. 

Our business in Argentina is mainly land basis providing well intervention and flowback services to a range of clients. We provide a large range of services such as well testing, fluids and well intervention services in Bolivia, Peru, Colombia and Mexico.

Our Canada and Gulf of Mexico business is predominantly deepwater and comprises a mixture of subsea landing string, well testing and intervention contracts with IOC and U.S. independent exploration and production companies. 

The North America land business is currently being driven by onshore unconventional activity, such as shale gas and tight oil, for which we provide a range of well clean-up, PowerChokes and well testing services. We are well positioned providing flarestack and pipeline services thought the midstream arena.