Career Ready week 3: Shannon McPake (17), Northfield Academy

12th August 2016

During my third week at Expro, I worked hard to get as much of my tasks completed as possible. On Tuesday, I conducted my final two interviews for the ‘my journey with Expro’ people-focused blogs.

Firstly, I interviewed Marie-Claude Andribet. Not only was she a very interesting woman to interview, but conducting it benefitted me personally. This is because I was given the opportunity to conduct the interview in French. At first I was quite nervous because I had never spoken French with a native speaker before, but after a question or two my nerves started to fade. Although this was a real challenge, I enjoyed using my passion for language to help me in my work.

I met with Chris Stewart again and interviewed him about his experience of being an engineer at Expro. I felt like this was a great interview because Chris had a great story to tell. He was first introduced to Expro when he did a week of work experience aged 14 and over a decade later he is still here! I am 16 years old doing a similar thing so it did make me wonder whether I would be working here in ten years’ time too.

Doing such interesting projects is making my time at Expro very enjoyable. I’m getting to know the team much better and I’m becoming more comfortable in the office. With only two weeks of the experience left, I still have a lot of work to do!

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