Engaging with customers is the key to improving service

15th December 2015

Iain Farley, Vice-President of Business Development & Emerging Businesses
Open and honest customer feedback is critical to understand how customers perceive our performance and for identifying areas of improvement.

Expro recently conducted its third Voice of the Customer (VOTC#3) survey which I’m delighted has shown tremendous improvements in our safety and service delivery performance since the previous survey. Whilst we take pride in this progress, it was the feedback that identified areas where we can make further improvements that was the most interesting.

In the current market cycle, operators are under intense pressure to reduce capital expenditure, improve operating costs and the performance of their wells and production systems. During these times, it is therefore imperative that we develop even closer relationships with our clients to truly understand the problems and challenges they face.

Service companies are facing continuous pricing pressure as a result of the industry downturn, however now is not the time to avoid customer contact. What VOTC#3 highlighted for Expro, was that clients are keen to learn more about our products and services and how we can help to improve their production performance and the costs of developing, completing and producing their fields. As a result of this feedback we’ll be talking to client subsurface and asset teams to understand the issues they face, propose solutions and share experiences and case studies of best practice.

Comments made in VOTC#3 also focused on the value for money we offer in the current market environment. Our customers like our responsiveness and service quality and hence typically want to keep working with us. However, with oil now at less than $40 USD/bbl, there comes a point in time when decisions are influenced by commercial factors – and that time is now.

So please don’t be complacent; listen to your customers and be creative in offering them bespoke solutions that will increase the value of our services. At Expro, we understand that customer care leads directly to client retention and future success. Click on the infographic to enlarge.

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