Well Integrity & Intervention

A safer and smarter well integrity and intervention solutions partner

Expro supports its customers in delivering hydrocarbons safely throughout the life of their wells, through smarter well integrity management, supported by a comprehensive range of well intervention and well services.

We offer a key range of well solutions, including:

Well Services

  • Well integrity management


  • Well integrity consulting and engineering

Well Integrity services

  • Caliper services
  • Downhole video
  • Downhole camera
  • Wellhead servicing and maintenance
  • Leak detection and pressure testing services
  • Flow assurance

Well Intervention

  • Slickline services
  • Electricline services
  • Heavy duty wireline fishing
  • Explosive services
  • Production logging and memory gauge services
  • Radial cutting torch and tubing punches
  • Flow assurance
  • Subsea completion and intervention
  • Horizontal tree systems
  • Vertical tree systems
  • Control systems
  • Innovative subsea solutions


  • Well barrier verification 
  • Retrofit real-time wireless monitoring 
  • Well integrity monitoring
  • Flow assurance 
  • Flow control
  • Retrofit wireless safety valves

A range of our Product Lines span these solutions, including:

  • Well Services
  • SafeWells
  • Well Intervention
  • Expro Meters
  • Subsea
  • Wireless Well Solutions
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