On-demand, cost-effective, non-intrusive flow meters and measurement services
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On-demand, cost-effective, non-intrusive flow meters and measurement services

On-demand, cost-effective, non-intrusive flow meters and measurement services

Improved well efficiency and overall reservoir production

Meters offers on-demand, cost-effective, non-intrusive flow meters and measurement services for individual well, flowline and overall field production surveillance. These solutions enable our customers to realise increased value from their wells and fields through improved production monitoring, optimisation of well performance, increased efficiency and reduced metering costs. Our well surveillance solutions aid in health as well as reducing safety concerns and environmental exposure.

At the heart of everything we do is sonar flow technology, which is embodied in our sonar meter products: ActiveSONAR™ flow meter and PassiveSONAR™ flow meter.


Track record activity                        
SonarMonitor™ (permanent installs)400
SonarTest™ (portable well testing)15,000
ParameterTrack record minimumTrack record maximum
Pipe size (inches)232
Pipe wall (inches)0.11.5
Pressure (psi)158,000
Temperature (C)10120
Superficial velocity (ft/s)2300

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Case studies

Verifying existing inline metering

Non-intrusive solution to verify existing inline metering and provide process insight
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ESP production well diagnosis

Optimisation of gas lift network performance

ActiveSONAR contributes to “zero flaring” gas compression

Subsea well riser monitoring for flow assurance and production surveillance

SONAR meter assures $8 million for the customer on a stabilised crude oil trunk line

Non-intrusive measurement solution prevents potential NPT

Clamp-on SONAR meter replaces conventional industrial strap-on ultrasonic meter

Cost effective non-intrusive solution for brownfield redevelopment

Expro assists in improving field management

Existing inline metering correction and insight into process conditions

Delivery of non-intrusive solution for ESP optimisation

Clamp-on metering improves operational efficiency

Innovative approach to well killing operations

Expro ActiveSONAR™  resolves customer metering uncertainty

Expro ActiveSONAR™ confirms success of well remediation programme

Non-intrusive metering provides real time volumetric flow rate

Customer upgrades clamp-on metering

Contribution to a zero flare campaign in Nigeria

Flowline integrity and leak detection surveillance

Non-intrusive measurement of volumetric flow rate and phase fraction (CGR/WGR) in remote gas wells

Check metering improves production separator performance and throughput in Middle East project

Wellhead production surveillance on offshore gas condensate field

Non-intrusive production testing pilot for new customer successfully completed in Bolivia using sonar metering in wet gas multiphase application

Wellhead production surveillance for North Sea HPHT gas condensate field

Sonar surveillance to facilitate gas well clean-up

Sonar meter used in surface flow rate reference injection logging tool (ILT) surveys

Measuring production and gas lift rates simultaneously to allow gas lift optimisation

PassiveSONAR™ enhances safety and efficiency of cavern storage operations

Unique gas void fraction measurement to improve separator performance and accuracy

Using sonar flow meters as part of an integrated well intervention strategy

Sonar flow meters for water treatment floatation cell optimisation

Providing a flow measurement solution for NAM (Nederland’s Aardolie Maatschappij)

Production surveillance on ESP lifted wells optimises installation

Clamp-on sonar surveillance during deliquification increases production by 50%

Sonar surveillance sucessfully supports Woodside to increase production

Identifying underperforming wells and prolonging field life of Centrica’s UKCS assets

Wellhead sonar surveillance using ActiveSONAR for Dolphin Energy in Qatar

Expro solution fundamental in mitigating risk of spills on Teekay shuttle tankers

Using water injection surveillance and sonar technology to improve data quality

Deployment enables debottlenecking and saves over $250k per testing campaign

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